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We have been offering SEO & website marketing services since 1997. We have developed and refined our marketing plans & strategies as we approach the end of our 2nd decade.

The basis for our marketing strategy is to utilize search engine optimization (SEO), keyword density, direct navigation, targeted link popularity and a host of other current website marketing techniques.

All of our marketing strategies strictly adhere to each search engine’s no-Spam & best practices policies while generating highly qualified web site traffic.

We believe a successful website marketing plan is much more than simply optimizing your website to be search engine friendly. The system should also provide support for other strategies such as link popularity, site design and content, the “stickiness” of your site, and ethical marketing practices.

Website Marketing as it relates to the “MAGIC BULLET” concept.
Many search for, but never find, the magic bullet for their marketing strategies. In fact, because search engines change their algorithm – periodically changing their weighted criteria for determining website rankings, the magic bullet simply does not exist because the target continues to move.

That being said, 90%+ of ALL websites could improve their search engine ranking dramatically utilizing our website evaluation service and SEO techniques. Much like a tune up for your vehicle, it may still run but it performs so much better after if has been tuned up and it saves you money in the long run!

Our website evaluation will do the very same for your Internet marketing goals, click here to learn more.

BEWARE not all SEO website marketing firms are the same. Each search engine has a “Best Practices Policy” they expect websites to follow when implementing their marketing techniques. Not following these practices could actually get your site buried OR eliminated from a search engine all together!!

We have consistently ranked at the very top of search engine results for these very popular phrases since 1997 on most search engines and since the inception of Google.

We will provide the same efforts and implement the same website marketing services that have continually provided the type of rankings outlined above.

“It is absolutely imperative you select a company by their ability to provide proof their marketing system WORKS.”

Our best way to prove to a prospective client our system works, is simply have them search the phrases above to find us in the search results.

Why is it important to gain and maintain a high search engine placement? The chart below indicates how consumers find businesses on the Internet.

web marketing report

As indicated in the research above, people prefer to use search engines almost 2 to 1 over any other source to find products or services on the Internet. The second most common way is guessing a domain name, also known as direct navigation. If your industry is in the main stream, the best “guessing” domain names (to help your marketing efforts) are probably all taken!

It’s your choice, time proven website marketing with proven strategies or ….. well, you can imagine the alternative!

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