Below are some of our client testimonials. Of course we could list hundreds having been in business since 1997, however we are quite proud of the long term relationships we build with our clients and felt listing some of their comments would help you understand our commitment to our clients and their thoughts on our long term business relationship.

“I was VERY apprehensive about completely overhauling my website because of my fear of loosing the rankings I had attained over the past 10 years. In just the first month my website rankings have improved so much I can’t image why it took me so long to take your advice on the re-design!!”

Dave Whitt
Coevanna Charters
Client since  2011

“My search rankings are simply AWESOME, there is little room for improvement, #1 on 90% of my top phrases!! I’ve been with you since the beginning when I only had 1 boat, now I have over 30 boats, I couldn’t image changing a thing.”

Bob Witt
Sea Breeze Charters
Client since 1997

“We get compliments on our website’s ease of navigation, design and content EVERY DAY! Not to mention if you search for campers for sale in Ohio our website is always on the top of the search results!”

Davis Camper Sales, Inc.
Client since 2006

“Thank you so much for all the work, time, effort etc… you’ve put into this website. I trust your system and abilities completely”

Larry Lafayette
Lafayette Radio
Client since  2004

“We have booked over 95% of all our rooms from your web marketing services … we have never been so busy in our nearly 2 decades in business”  “the phone keeps ringing off the hook… each time I put it down another guest is calling to make a reservation!!”

Scott Keils
Stone Mountain Chalets
Client since  1998

“Thank you for all that you have done to help us with our website and online shopping area! No matter when we call or how often, you are always reading, willing and able to help us RIGHT then.  We really appreciate your expert advice and skilled solutions!”

Betsy Stecher
Reef Runner Fishing Lures
Client Since 2007