What are keywords?

These words are the very essence of how a search is conducted on the Internet. Keywords are what a prospective customer will place in the search area of their favorite engine in hopes that the search engine will find the product or service they desire. Chances are if you are reading this page, you placed a query with your favorite search engine to find us.

Using our service as an example, you may have chosen the keyword phrase “website marketing” or “website marketing strategies”. These are examples of keyword phrases. It is important to keep in mind that if your keyword phrase is 2 to 6 words in length, you have better odds of placing in the top 10 search positions on your favorite search engine. Keep in mind that placing in the top ten is important but building site traffic is our objective. If your keyword phrase is not effective, you must have a way of tracking this and you may need to change or adapt your phrase.

Because most people use simple phrases to search, generally one or two broad words, it is important to keep in mind that using a larger keyword phrase will encompass more of the words that describe your product or service. Using larger keyword phrases will help you in your quest to capture more site visitors.

According to OneStat, the following shows us how many words most people use in their search phrases:

2 word phrases 32.58%
3 word phrases 25.61%
1 word phrases 19.02%
4 word phrases 12.83%
5 word phrases   5.64%
6 word phrases   2.32%
7 word phrases   0.98%